About Africa


Africa is one of the most deprived countries when it comes to education. There are 138 million children in Africa. 17 million of them will never attend school and 37 million of them will learn so little when they are there (www.brookings.edu). We are working to change this.

Some of the countries with the least access to quality education include, Niger, Eritrea, Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea, and so many more. Student to faculty ratios are at times as high as 62:1, with sometimes 35% of teachers not qualified to teach in those schools (www.globalcitizen.org).

Many children are exposed to highly unhealthy and dangerous conditions because many of their citizens are unable to find jobs and get better education. We, as a country, need to use our resources to help create opportunities for them to grow and learn more, so they may contribute to our shared world.

If you would like to donate to other causes that help Africa as well, these are links below:

Protect Wildlife: https://www.awf.org/

Hunger: www.savethechildren.org

Clean drinking water: www.thewaterproject.org

Poverty: www.networkforgood.org